Can you use dilators when you have vaginismus?

Let's start by describing vaginismus. It is a sexual dysfunction in women that manifests itself by an involuntary contraction of the muscles of the pelvic floor. Vaginismus can appear at any time, in women of all ages. This problem makes vaginal penetration painful, if not impossible. To give you an idea of the reaction of the body during an intimate relationship, just imagine when someone throws an object in your face. The first reflex is to instantly close your eyes, they tense up at the imminent impact. The pelvic muscles have the same reaction during penetration. 


Where does vaginismus come from?

It rarely happens that vaginismus comes from a physical disorder related to dyspareunia or a too thick hymen. Mostly, vaginismus comes from psychological disorders. Here are the most common causes:

  • Anxiety about intimate relationships, especially when the relationship is with a new person. Also, if it's your first sexual relationship or if it's been a long time since you've had sex.
  • Stress in the face of limited or non-existent sexual knowledge.
  • Fear of intimate relationships and the pain that might entail.
  • Tension in the couple.
  • A time of stress.


Symptoms of vaginismus can differ from woman to woman. The main symptom is that of discomfort and pain felt during any type of vaginal penetration.


Here's how to list the different types of vaginismus:

  • Primary: Vaginismus is present from the first sexual encounter.
  • Secondary: Vaginismus appears later, even if intercourse was not painful before.
  • Generalized: Vaginismus is present at all times. Whether during the insertion of a tampon or a menstrual cup, during a gynecological examination or during sexual relations, all types of penetration are impossible.
  • Circumstantial: Vaginismus occurs in a particular circumstance. For example, when the desire there is not due to a traumatic event, for example a death. Circumstantial vaginismus can also occur during a relationship that is not consensual such as rape.


Even today, sexuality and sexual dysfunctions are very taboo subjects. It is also mainly because of this that many women avoid discussing their vaginismus with their partner or a health professional. Some women will refrain from talking about it and even from having penetrative sex until they are ready to have a child. To only then will they consult in order to be able to procreate.


What are the possible treatments for vaginismus?

This dysfunction, often of psychological origin, can be treated with patience, support and professional guidance. The treatment will be established by your gynecologist or a sexologist according to the particular needs. Here is what might be suggested:

  • Psychotherapy with the help of a sex therapist or psychologist. It is a therapy focused on a long-term psychological goal.
  • Relaxation sessions. Stress and anxiety are common causes of vaginismus. Doing meditation could help reduce these factors and allow relaxation of the mind and therefore of the body.
  • Hypnosis. This treatment is not guaranteed. Performed by a certified professional, hypnosis could help resolve psychological blocks that create vaginismus.


So what are dilators for?

During your consultation, the healthcare professional may suggest pelvic rehabilitation, especially if the dysfunction is also of physical origin. We will then suggest that you get dilators to work the walls of the vaginal cavity. This will slowly soften and slightly stretch the vaginal tissues. You will then gradually have control of the area worked and you will be able to avoid involuntary contractions of your pelvic muscles in the long term. If you feel comfortable, you can carry out the treatment with your partner, this will allow him to know the extent of the stages of your rehabilitation and therefore how far the penetration does not hurt you. In this way, both of you will know how to approach new intimate relationships, both in terms of speed and depth and duration.


Floravi's vaginal dilators

Floravi's vaginal dilators are perfect allies to overcome vaginismus. Their curved shape facilitates gradual insertion in addition to being made of hypoallergenic silicone. The set includes four dilators of varying sizes and diameters to allow for progressive pelvic rehabilitation.

We suggest you start by cleaning the dilator using Floravi's Steri-clean. Then apply some Floravi water-based intimate lubricant to the accessory to facilitate insertion. Position yourself to be comfortable and begin to test your personal limits of comfort and pain. It is essential not to push your limits; stop the exercise as soon as the pain persists or is too strong. There is no rush, you have to go at your own pace. Moreover, with each session you will be able to go further and further inside the vaginal cavity. Finish by cleaning your dilator with Steri-clean then store it in its original box.

Floravi is proud to bring you feminine wellness accessories that are top quality and useful for women of all ages. However, it is strongly recommended to consult a healthcare professional before starting treatment with vaginal dilators. You will then be able to receive all the information you need to counter your vaginismus and be sexually fulfilled!


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