Sexuality in the fifties

Turning fifty is a pivotal moment in sexuality. Many changes are taking place, some for the better, others will be missed. Be that as it may, sexuality is changing and we offer you a text to help you welcome this change.

In addition to the hormonal changes that occur with menopause and andropause, physical changes have a significant impact on intimate relationships and sexuality in general. Here are some relevant ideas to take into account to reduce or counter the inconvenience associated with it.


Strength and fitness

Making love has always been (and will remain) a physical activity. As you get older, certain positions can become more difficult to hold for long periods of time, especially when weight bearing is involved. Particularly for wrists and knees.

Then try comfortable positions that are done standing, where you will be supported by your legs. Put pillows to maximize comfort and optimize the angle without having to strain. Take control by choosing a position where you are in charge of the intensity and movement.

Optimize your intimate moments by adding vibrating accessories to fill manual stimulation if it becomes painful or exhausting. This is a moment that is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable, no need to make it an extra chore.


Physical changes

By emphasizing foreplay – which we too often neglect – and the benefits of intimate relationships, it is possible to move away from this pressure linked to reaching orgasm. When sexuality is no longer performance-oriented, sexual maturity is central to the relationship, and the experience allows for a desire for experimentation and pleasure that may not have been present in early youth.


To return to more mechanical problems, it is possible to overcome them with accessories, lotions or stimulants. For dryness, a moisturizer or lubricant occasionally solves the problem. For dysfunction, pumps, supplements, penis rings are all valid and accessible alternatives.

However, don't let these inconveniences hold you back. A slower intimate relationship, focused on tenderness and eroticism, is one of the positive outcomes linked to physical changes.

Above all, never forget that a changing body does not in any way dry up attraction and seduction. Although the skin has lost its shape, the muscles have weakened, the mischievous gaze, the charming smile, the sparkling personality have remained the same. Your power of attraction and seduction has matured, it has not disappeared.


External factors

Life can sometimes create situations that take us into a whirlwind. The perception of sexuality can be altered by past experiences or expectations that are difficult to achieve.

As we age, the emotional baggage is as great as that of experiences and life. It is therefore normal that intimate relationships are tinged with it. Around the age of fifty, children have left home, family and marital duties are changed and sexuality becomes free and recreational. The parents have become a couple again. This new freedom can confront old beliefs and it can be difficult to re-visit intimacy as a pleasure-oriented recreational activity.

Another factor not to be overlooked is the vicious circle of fear of failure.

It can be any other situation that can harm the fulfillment of the couple, but let's take erectile dysfunction for example.

In a case like this, the man needs erotic contact to regain erectile function. Faced with failures (because there may be some, unfortunately), he risks closing himself off and refusing any sexual relationship with his partner. He is prone to performance anxiety and fears another failure. Faced with these and potential refusals, the woman sometimes feels responsible for the situation, questions her seductive abilities. She blocks herself so as not to relive the humiliation of refusal. The man is then deprived of this precious stimulation which would allow him to regain his desire and his erectile function.

Again, this is just one example among many that can interfere with healthy sexuality. The key to remedying this kind of situation is communication.


To reconnect with your couple and your sexuality

Here are some ideas to kindle the fire of passion again and gently.


  • Show your love in public.
    Expressing your affection in a social context is entirely beneficial (as long as you maintain decency and good taste!). Not only are you showing your love for your partner, you are also proving that there is no age to be happy as a couple. This observation will inspire many and you will brighten up people's day, guaranteed. 

  • Hold hands.
    At home, at the cinema, at the grocery store… This simple contact accentuates the feeling of affection that you feel for each other. It shows confidence and pride. For couples who have difficulties in intimacy, this first step is essential since it helps to reconnect with this lost physical contact.

  • Use an erotic accessory together.
    Don't make it a taboo. The use of an erotic accessory during intimate relations is recommended, because it adds a touch of playfulness to the moment in addition to helping greatly to reach heights. Take advantage of the moment of purchase to make it a couple's activity. Go to the store together, take your time, eat together at the restaurant before or after, you can discuss your desires and your expectations.

  • Kiss passionately.
    This teenage pleasure that takes on so much value over time. Let your mouths find each other, fall in love with each other again. The kiss is essential; it provides you with a good dose of oxytocin, endorphin, relaxation, in short, only positive.

  • Go out in love.
    When the obligations of daily life diminish, routine sets in and with it comes monotony. Get away from your everyday life at least a few times a month to meet up and have experiences together. 

  • Tell yourself that you find yourself beautiful and attractive.
    Don't underestimate the power of words, of a look, of a caress. Let your partner know that you still find him or her attractive. Not only will these simple words color his perception, he will reinforce his erotic desire at the same time.


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