Discover the Desensibilizing Vaporizer!

The vaporizer creates a slight insensitivity that helps delay ejaculation during sexual intercourse. This makes it a useful tool to prolong the duration of sexual intercourse and control premature ejaculation.


Floravi products are safe for the skin and the body


Designed for healthy and comfortable use


The silicone as well as the ingredients are of superior quality


Ideal for people with sensitive skin

For me, Floravi is synonym with comfort and wellbeing. Those two aspects have been disregarded for too long when the time comes to take care of women and women-identifying’s sexual health. We are committed to take care of these people’s intimate wellbeing and to make sure they are entirely comfortable with the product(s) they buy, at an accessible price. These are the commitments that make me incredibly proud.

— Edith Arsenault, founder

Our collaborators

At Jean Coutu

"I love the products! They are beautiful, comfortable and really affordable. For my part, I bought at my Jean Coutu, not directly on the website. I recommend!"

— Audrey Boisvert

You get use to it

"It's not easy at first to keep them on for a long time, but you get used to it! I'm already seeing changes and it's good to see that it's starting to work. I recommend it to women who have urinary loss after giving birth."

— Satisfied customer

Local business

"This product is really great! Great quality and perfect to use with silicone accessories! In addition we are supporting a local company which increases my confidence in the product even more."

— Satisfied customer