Temporary ways to delay ejaculation

Make pleasure last longer in bed: 3 tips to delay ejaculation

Having a hard time controlling the moment of ejaculation during intercourse is a common source of frustration, affecting 20-30% of men. Even so, this difficulty is often underestimated.

The subject remains taboo, and few men dare talk about it, whether to their partner, doctor, or friends. There are many causes of premature ejaculation. This disorder can be temporary, circumstantial, but sometimes more severe. If this problem impacts you regularly, leads to anxiety, loss of confidence or alters your quality of life, consider consulting a healthcare professional. 

An accurate diagnosis can lead to lasting solutions, improving your sex life and general well-being. While the following methods are not a substitute for pharmacological treatment or therapeutic approaches, they do offer practical tips to better master the moment of ejaculation.

1. Practice body awareness techniques

Be mindful of your body by paying attention to your sensations. This will help to recognize pre-ejaculatory signs. Ejaculation occurs when arousal peaks. Work on reducing arousal by slowing down, changing position, taking deep breaths or concentrating on non-erotic thoughts. Decreasing arousal and returning to a state of sustainable excitation helps delay ejaculation. Practising this exercise during masturbation is also beneficial.

Developing self-control is a challenge, but with some willpower, it can be achieved. Many breathing techniques and even meditation help to gain greater awareness of your bodily sensations, conferring better sexual stamina. Learning to feel and release the muscles of the perineum can help delay orgasm as well. Combining breathing and relaxing the perineal area when arousal is at its peak should give good results.

2. Introduce desensitizing products

Desensitizing products are an interesting option for improving sexual stamina. Designed to slightly reduce penis head and penis sensitivity, it delays ejaculation successfully. Greater control over sensations increases confidence.

Always with the same concern to improve and support your sexual health, Floravi has developed a safe and effective desensitizing spray. Its effect is temporary, localized and limited in time. Intercourse lasts longer, as sensitivity is reduced at the start of intercourse, but the effect gradually diminishes. As a result, you regain sensitivity to fully enjoy the moment of orgasm.

Use moderately, following the instructions carefully, to enjoy the benefits while minimizing the risk of adverse effects that excessive use can create. Be careful with dosage at first to control the level of sensations desired.

Before introducing these products into your intimate life, make sure you have your partner's consent. Open communication about the use of such products is crucial to avoid any misunderstanding.

Desensitizing sprays are complementary to other treatments or approaches. They are not intended to correct premature ejaculation, but rather to provide temporary support to enjoy more sexual stamina.

3. Involve your partner

Overcoming sexual challenges with your partner's collaboration strengthens emotional connection and relational well-being. Your partner's participation plays a decisive role in delaying ejaculation. The sexual experience is more satisfying for both partners and offers an opportunity for mutual discovery.

Expressing to your partner your concern to give longer moments of sexual pleasure can strengthen complicity and trust. In addition, it considerably reduces the pressure associated with sexual performance. Your partner's collaboration provides emotional support by encouraging open discussions about sexual preferences and needs.

This dialogue allows for a beautiful exploration of your sexuality. Find out together what works best to make your intimate moments last. Your sex life will be enhanced as well as your erotic playground by exploring new areas of sensuality.

Your partner can also practice delaying techniques, including pauses during intercourse, changes of pace, or moments of intentional distraction to delay ejaculation.

As you explore various temporary ways to extend intercourse, we invite you to embrace greater body awareness, give a try to our desensitizing spray and improve your connection with your partner.  Longer pleasure thus becomes a personal quest, unique to each individual, for a fulfilling and satisfying sex life. Remember, that these suggestions, while helpful, do not replace professional advice in the event of persistent difficulties.


Sources: Psychology Today,  Boston University-School of sexual medicine
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