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How a cock ring can transform your sex life

Want something better and more natural than Viagra for firm, long-lasting erections? Ever tried a cock ring? A natural, simple and economical solution to help with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Your pleasure, and that of your partner, will reach new heights. Now is the time to know everything about this well-kept secret: the cock ring. It can change your sex life today.

What is a cock ring?

A cock ring, also called a penis ring, is a circular device that surrounds the base of the penis and sometimes the testicles. It exerts a slight pressure on the blood vessels to create a restrictive effect. This slows the blood flow of the penis for a generally firmer, longer-lasting erection.

Used as an erotic accessory to spice up intercourse, it also offers several physical benefits, enhancing the overall sexual experience.

Why use a penis ring?

The penis ring provides increased firmness during erection and delays ejaculation. Although it doesn't solve erectile dysfunctions, many men use it as a support or complement other types of treatment to improve their sexual performance.

Some like it for the aesthetics it provides and its sexy appeal. Often used for the sole purpose of increasing sexual arousal, it brings variety and spices up lovemaking for both the user and his or her partner. Sexuality is a vast sensual space; pushing the boundaries can only be fun and exciting.

The different types of cock rings

Cock rings can be made of silicone, rubber, leather or metal, depending on individual taste and budget. A soft material is recommended for the first uses to become familiar with the object. Our adjustable cock ring is perfect to get started. You can adjust and remove it easily for greater control and comfort.

Classic penis ring will be slipped and stay at the base of the penis. Some rings surrounding the penis and the testicles provide more intense sensations. For an unusual experience, the vibrating ring is unique. The effect is impossible to reproduce other than with the toy. The shuddering action simultaneously delights both partners and increases the orgasm.

Several types of penis ring with additional functions exist on the market, with textured, integrated vibrators or prostate stimulators, for example. Don’t be shy to explore.

How do I use the penis ring?

The ring should be fitted when the penis is at rest, or at least before full erection. It should put some pressure without being too tight. It has to be comfortable once the penis is erect, without any pain or tingling. Remove the ring right away if it happens. The ideal ring is tight enough to hold the shaft and scrotum tightly, but loose enough to be easily removed after use.

The Cock ring trio set is perfect for exploration. With three different sizes, you can find what feels better. Start with the largest to test your comfort. Then try out the smaller sizes to compare and choose the one that suits you according to the degree of pleasure you're looking for. If your first experience is not great, try again at least three times. You can begin using it while masturbating. You won’t have the pressure of having your partner there with you. 

We recommended to use water-based lubricant, compatible with all types of sex accessories, for a more sensual and gentle experience. Friendly advice: keep your pubic hair short to prevent it from getting stuck up in the ring.  

A good hygiene of the cock ring, like that of all erotic accessories, is essential. Clean it before and after each use with a suitable product.

For safe use

Before using the ring, it is important to read the manufacturer's instructions. Although it is safe to use, precautions must be taken. The maximum recommended duration of use is 20 to 30 minutes. It's important to remove it if intercourse continues beyond this limit, or to take it off once the erection is over. Above all, don't fall asleep with the ring on.  

Avoid desensitizing products. Your senses are your guide to safe and comfortable use. If you get pleasure from penis rings, use them sparingly. We don't recommend using them every time you have sex. Be daring and vary your experiences with other sex toys.

Don't wait any longer to integrate the penis ring into your sex life. This affordable, easy-to-use accessory will take your sexuality to the next level.

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