5 good reasons to use vaginal weights

Vaginal weights are growing in popularity and curiosity! Indeed, their benefits are not limited to a single age group and suits the needs of many women. There is therefore a great interest for these little balls that has important and often neglected benefits.

1. They strengthen your pelvic floor

Like any muscle in our body, it's important to tone your pelvic floor for optimal sexual well-being! Depending on your age and situation, it is wise to strengthen your pelvic floor for several reasons.First, as you get older you need to strengthen your pelvic floor to prevent or cure stress incontinence as the muscles lose their tone.If you have given birth at least once, the vaginal weights can help strengthen your pelvic muscles to regain your before delivery tone.Even if you are younger and have not had children, you can still tone your muscles to improve your sexual health. As they say, prevention is better than cure!


2. They can help your get orgasms or intensify them!

The frequent use of vaginal weight can help increase your vaginal wall sensitivity for more intense and frequent orgasms! By the way, did you know that many women reach orgasm when removing vaginal balls? If you have worn them for a long period of time, the contraction stimulation will intensify at the time of withdrawal, because you will be soliciting all the muscles at the same time!In addition, at the time of the sexual relation with your partner, having a better control of your muscles will automatically give you more command over your pelvic contractions to intensify the pleasure for both you and your partner. At the moment of reaching orgasm, you can contract your muscles more to lengthen the duration and intensity!

3. They help to have a better natural lubrication

Daily use of vaginal weight allows for better circulation at the vaginal level, which will facilitate natural lubrication. This can be very interesting for women in menopause or for those who have difficulty in producing natural lubrication. And, there is nothing embarrassing to experience these difficulties, because more than one woman out of two uses a lubricant during her life! So, why not wear vaginal weights as a prelude to improve your experience when your partner comes along?

4. They help to improve your sexual desire and your libido

By carrying vaginal weights frequently, you experience a delicate vaginal stimulation. For many, it has the effect of increasing desire! Wearing vaginal balls every week, at least twice, can even help you increase your libido in the long run!

5. They break the routine

The vaginal weights are part of the accessories that can be used anywhere at anytime, because they are very discreet. Many couples who like to live new experiences love to try them: wearing the vaginal balls while going out to the restaurant or the cinema, for example, can be very exciting. This will help you spice up your sex life while optimizing your pleasure and sexual health!
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