10 easy steps to shape your pelvic floor muscles!

Why use Kegel exercisers?

The muscles of the pelvic floor are constantly solicited, and this, at any time of the day. The perineum is stimulated during sexual intercourse, pregnancy, childbirth or simply when you feel like urinating. Training with Kegel exercisers is ideal for the following three reasons:

  • Support of internal organs. Indeed, following a pregnancy, one woman in two suffer from prolapse, an organ descent caused by a weakening of the perineum.

  • Holds urine. Following training and a firming of the pelvic floor muscles, Kegel exercisers help prevent urinary incontinence.

  • Sexual intercourse. Firming the muscles helps to keep the vaginal walls firm and allows you to be familiar with contractions of the muscles when reaching orgasm.


10 steps to follow with Kegel exercisers:

  • The location of the muscles. The easiest way is to try to stop the flow of urine while urinating. The contraction and relaxation of the muscles help to locate the muscles that you want to work. Be careful, do not stop the natural flow of urine every day, it is not a Kegel exercise and it could have the opposite effect, make your pelvic muscles weak.

  • Empty the bladder. To avoid pain and/or urinary leakage when exercising with Kegel balls, it is necessary to empty the bladder completely.

  • The insertion of Kegel exercisers. First, sit in a comfortable position. Then, if necessary, use a water-based lubricant to facilitate smooth insertion. For more information about the water-based lubricant from Floravi, click here. For a successful first use, be sure to insert the balls at 2cm deep from the vagina entry and leave the removal strap outside, within reach.

  • The good position. Since it is important to relax all the muscles of the body before starting, the ideal is to put yourself in a peaceful state of mind, then to opt for a comfortable position. Kegel exercises can be done standing, sitting or lying down.

  • The contraction of the muscles. As with any type of workout, inhale and exhale as you move. It is therefore necessary to avoid holding your breath. For best results, avoid contracting the buttocks, quadriceps, thighs, or abdomen. The pelvic floor muscles should be the only ones to work! In addition, the contraction should always be in a upward motion, never downward.

  • Rest. It is important to make identical time intervals between contractions and rest (example: 10 seconds of contractions, 10 seconds of rest). It is also important to pay attention to an overdose of training as this can lead to a weakening rather than a strengthening of the perineal muscles. Promote relaxation and rest!

  • The repetition. When you start exercising, you should plan for a gradual use of exercisers at a pace that suits you. Eventually, Floravi suggests inserting Kegel exercisers into your routine to promote satisfactory results, a few sets a day and a few days a week.

  • The progression. When starting pelvic floor training, it is strongly suggested to start with a light weight. Once you are familiar with the use of Kegel exercisers, you can start a more advanced workout. Indeed, the set of Kegel Floravi offers 4 beads of different weights (30, 40 and 50 grams) to allow 7 different combinations. You can then do progressive work with weights ranging from 30 to 90g! For more information on the Kegel exercisers from Floravi, simply click here.

  • The extraction of the balls. To remove the exercisers, just relax the muscles and tensions and pull on the strap. If the area is too dry and the removal appears painful, apply some water-based lubricant. If you carried the balls without the strap, it may be that they are higher in the vaginal cavity. No worries, just relax again, add a little lubricant, walk a little and jump on the spot to create a downward movement.

  • Maintenance. This is probably the most important step when using intimate accessories. It is essential to clean the exercisers before and after each use. If you used the balls with the strap, remove the balls from the strap so you can clean all the elements separately. To eliminate harmful bacteria, germs and odors, use Steri-clean Antibacterial Cleanser. You can store the Kegel exercisers from Floravi in ​​their original packaging.


You think you don’t have time to do these exercises? Did you know that by simply wearing your Kegel exercisers when doing household chores will still works your pelvic floor muscles? Wear them when you do the dishes or dinner, and if you feel comfortable enough, carry the balls when you're grocery shopping or when you're at work!


Do you find wearing Kegel balls easy? Here are some exercises for an advanced training.

  • Plank. Push with the pelvis and your hips, your back should not force nor work. Contract the pelvic floor muscles up and hold for 10 seconds. Release and rest for 10 seconds. Do not forget to breathe!

  • Squats. Align your knees to your shoulders width. Lower your body and keep your back parallel to the wall. Your knees should go to a 90-degree angle before you put them back up. Perform 5 reps, then relax. Do not forget to breathe!

  • Abdominals. Sit in a reclining position. Place your hands in the crook of your knees and make sure you have your back straight, not bend. Hold for 10 seconds, then release. Do not forget to breathe!

  • Lunges. Stand with your back straight, and move your body forward. Hold one leg in the back and drop the other one forward. Descend until your knee almost reaches the ground, an angle of about 90 degrees. Return to standing up straight while trying to maintain balance. Perform 10 repetitions by alternating legs and relax. Do not forget to breathe!


We strongly recommend that you begin training and follow up with a health professional such as a physiotherapist.


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