Overcome anorgasmia? It is possible with Floravi.

Once again, Floravi demystifies a sexual disorder present in women of all ages, anorgasmia. Simply put, anorgasmia is the result of a lack of clitoral, vaginal or anal orgasm. Attention, this does not mean that the woman will not be able to feel pleasure, do not confuse anorgasmia and anaphrodisia. Rather, it is the impossibility or lack of interest in experiencing the ultimate stimulation. This sexual dysfunction affects almost one in three women during their lifetime! Don't worry, anorgasmia can be treated in several ways.


To understand anorgasmia properly, we must first know more about orgasm itself. This phenomenon occurs following a physiological stimulation in the body by the touch of the clitoris, the vaginal walls or the G-spot. This sensation of orgasm is therefore the result of muscular tensions and vaso-congestion released. However, orgasms can occur with only a weak feeling of pleasure, then it is a purely physical sexual arousal.


So where does the fun come from? This feeling comes from psychological stimulation, we are talking here about emotions. Indeed, a woman can feel pleasure throughout the sexual relationship, without necessarily having an orgasm. To In this regard, some women do not feel the need to experience ultimate stimulation since the pleasure felt is fully satisfactory. The pleasure is rather felt at the level of the compliments, the intentions of the partner or the complicity of two. For solo stimulation, pleasure comes when you feel good about yourself and your mind. Once again, orgasm is a bonus whose source and satisfaction are very different for each woman.


In the best of all worlds, excitement and sexual pleasure are combined and allow you to reach happy and fulfilled ecstasy. Indeed, combining physical and psychological stimulation makes it possible to multiply the sensations felt from head to toe!


Main factors causing anorgasmia:


Some ways to overcome anorgasmia.

The easiest way to start treatment is to talk about it. Communicating with your partner will allow you to work through this issue that is affecting both of you. You can also consult a psychologist or a sex therapist to diagnose the psychological cause of your anorgasmia and be offered some advice and solutions to overcome it. When it comes to physical pain, Floravi strongly suggests that you consult a medical professional such as a gynecologist for specialist advice.


To overcome persistent anorgasmia, get out of your comfort zone. From personal stimulation or that of your partner to reading erotic books, you will certainly find an element that will increase your level of excitement. You can also play a little more naughty games as a couple or send sensual messages. It's best if these are activities you don't usually do; look for what will bring an extra level of excitement to your bedroom. Then, if you can find something that makes you feel pleasure and excitement and gives you an orgasm, you'll definitely be a winner! However, the important thing is not to seek orgasm at all costs, but rather to experiment without embarrassment for the well-being and the evolution of your sexual health.


How do Floravi's personal vibrators help overcome anorgasmia?

Lila, Rose and Dahlia all have 7 vibration modes, so you can navigate between them at your own pace. You can also use them under a light stream of water such as the shower. These intimate accessories are excellent for targeted and progressive stimulation of the erogenous zones. You can press the vibrator directly on your clitoris or on the vaginal walls and find out which type of stimulation appeals to you more. The vibrator Dahlia, meanwhile, is designed specifically for G-spot stimulation!


Still not convinced? Know that the use of Floravi vibrators can increase desire and sexual tension in addition to promoting self-affirmation. That's not all! Fighting anorgasmia and rediscovering pleasure will also allow you to increase the level of excitement and, by the same token, to have better lubrication. Floravi wants to encourage women to practice sexual activity more frequently, allowing the production of endorphin and oxytocin, substances beneficial to health.


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