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In this romantic week, discover all the activities that will certainly increase the sexual desires in your relationship. Indeed, take the opportunity to revisit your relationship both emotionally and physically. And be inspired by it for the rest of the year, because why live passionate moments only on Valentine's Day? Sure, it's a perfect and bonding time, but Floravi offers you different ways to celebrate your love throughout the year! What could be better for your sexual health than experiencing exhilarating sensations on a regular basis?


Here are some tips and tricks for celebrating passion together:

  • Be active. Most couples live separate lives, different jobs, schedules, or hobbies, so you may not find yourself on the same page. However, a good way to share a common goal is to train together. In this way, you can motivate each other and grow together in this experience. If you don't want to go to the gym, it is always possible to do another activity such as walking, cycling, skating, skiing or any other sport you like. You will see, physical training will release endorphins, a hormone that increases the level of pleasure.

  • Play. Why not bring out your old board games? In fact, the answer is quite simple. Having fun as a couple will allow you to build or strengthen your bond. You can even make it a little competition by adding consequences for the loser. A massage is usually a must when it comes time for the loser to pay! The important thing is to remember to have fun and to consider that this activity is intended to bring you closer cognitively and physically.  

  • Shop. To rekindle the flame or simply to celebrate all night long, shop for fine lingerie. You will certainly find pieces hung on hangers that will catch your eye and that you will have no trouble imagining on your partner or yourself? We strongly suggest that you select lingerie, let your partner try them on without showing them to you. The real surprise will be at home! Also, have you considered shopping for intimate accessories? You can discuss it before you go to the store or you can discover your own sexual interests and those of your partner once you get there. The important thing is not to come back empty-handed, there is certainly a product that will make you happy, whether it's a massage oil or a pair of handcuffs. If you are shy about a visit to an erotic shop with your partner, Floravi has the ideal solution for you since the range is now available in major pharmacies across Quebec! You can now shop your vibrator ready from home!

  • Relax. We all know that life can be extremely stressful and exhausting on a daily basis. Your first idea would probably be to take some time to relax, but what if you took the time to relax together? Admittedly, with children it is not always easy and you will certainly have the impression that it is impossible. However, if you take some time off in the day for you and your partner, you will definitely see satisfying results for your life as a couple in the long term. To In this regard, in this romantic week, Floravi suggests that you relax your body and mind in a hot bath with your partner. Put the package, take out the candles and the foaming gel then dim the lights. You can then chat quietly and freely, get closer physically and relax peacefully. If the bath isn't your favorite choice, a shower might just as well do the trick. Let the water bead on your bodies with Floravi's water-insoluble silicone lubricant. You can then caress your whole body to experience pleasure under a warm and comforting spray.

  • Pay special attention. Ladies, prepare a little something special and thoughtful for the person you live with every day! It can be to prepare a candlelit dinner or to plan to offer a small gift that is out of the ordinary, for example a photo album of your most beautiful memories together. You can also plan and book an activity that you hardly ever do, because getting out of the routine is essential to pique curiosity and amplify your partner's interest. Here are several interesting examples: going to the mini-potty, doing a painting workshop, going to a Ceramic Café, taking a cooking class, going bowling, playing billiards, going to a music concert or a comedy show. In short, getting out of your comfort zone will be beneficial for your relationship as a couple, but especially for you. Remember that being happy and good about yourself will make you more likely to enjoy your closeness with your partner, which will promote better sexual health.


Floravi would like to remind you that Valentine's Day, even if it is a particularly opportune annual event to celebrate your love, only takes place once a year. It is essential to take care of yourself, your partner and your relationship every day to allow you to fully thrive in a reciprocal relationship. Obviously the effort must come from both sides.

Floravi is there to help you at any time with these sound advice and easily accessible intimate accessories, at all times to promote good sexual health!


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