What are vaginal dilators?

First of all, the dilators make it possible to soften and slightly stretch the vaginal tissues in order to enlarge the vaginal cavity and allow progressive pelvic rehabilitation. The goal is to develop or regain an adequate width and depth of the cavity to allow for an active and pleasurable sex life. Dilators can be used to counteract vaginal dyspareunia such as M.R.K.H. or vestibulodynia. They are also used following vaginal surgery and/or following radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment.


The use of vaginal dilators.

The key is comfort, at all times. The main thing is to prioritize a place where you will be comfortable with a soothing atmosphere. Before you start using the dilators, be sure to clean them properly with an antibacterial cleanser designed for this purpose, such as Floravi's Steri-clean, approved by Health Canada. To be completely comfortable, choose one of the following two positions to perform your exercises:

  • The posture lying on your back, knees bent and slightly apart.

  • The vertical posture, standing with one foot resting on a chair.

Once you feel comfortable enough in one of these postures, you can begin insertion. To do this, we advise you to apply a layer of water-based lubricant to the end of the dilator, learn more about Floravi's lubricant by clicking here. Once the dilator is inserted into the vaginal cavity, exert light pressure. Be careful, this pressure must be strong enough to allow the stretching of the tissues, but in no case should it be painful. To guide you, a slight discomfort is completely normal until it turns into a feeling of pain. To At this point, stop using the dilators immediately, consult a healthcare professional, and attempt to use them again only when you are ready.


Here are some moves to get started:

  • Forward and backward movements. These movements will allow you to visualize and test the depth of your vaginal cavity. The goal is not to go as far as possible, but rather to know your limits and the dilator that has the ideal length for your needs.

  • Movements from left to right. This is the same principle as the point above, but this time trying to find out the width of the vaginal cavity. You will be able, in the same way as the forward-backward movements, to know what diameter allows you to stretch the vaginal tissues without pain.

  • Circular movements. Go slowly and at your own pace. This type of exercise is slightly more advanced, it actually stretches the cavity around its entire circumference.

If you are completely comfortable with these movements and feel ready to try a more advanced exercise, Floravi suggests that you write the alphabet using the dilator as a pencil. Follow the direction of the white arrows and try to make each of the letters. Throughout the exercise, listen to your body and at the slightest feeling of pain stop immediately. Write down letters that aren't painful and use them to create progressive pelvic floor rehab workouts for yourself. 

When you use the dilators, you may experience slight blood loss. The cause is regularly linked to friction creating irritation of the vaginal walls. To At that time, apply more lubricant and/or decrease the frequency of dilator use. This blood loss is completely normal, there is no need to worry as long as there is no pain and it's only about small losses. You may also feel an urge to urinate. This is caused by high pressure from the dilator on the bladder. The ideal is to apply a lower pressure, towards the bottom of the cavity as well as to completely empty the bladder before the start of the treatment.

Dilator maintenance is simple, quick and absolutely fundamental. Indeed, all intimate accessories should be cleaned before and after each use. To do this, Floravi offers you an antibacterial cleanser for skin and intimate accessories approved by Health Canada: Steri-clean. Using the latter will not only eliminate harmful bacteria and germs, but also keep the silicone texture of the dilators completely intact. Simply spray the product a few times on the dilator and then run it under hot water. 


Here are some tips for worry-free use of dilators:

  • The choice of diameter and size of the dilator.
    This is a very important step that should not be taken lightly. Your choice should be based on your comfort as well as the work you want to accomplish. Indeed, use a diameter or a size that is too small and the results will not be optimal. In the same vein, choose one with too high a dimension and the treatment will be painful and incomplete. Floravi's vaginal dilator set includes 4 dilators of different sizes and diameters for progressive rehabilitation.

  • The condition of the dilator.
    Before you even consider using a dilator, make sure it's in good condition. The dilator should not have any cavities, cracks or rough sensations to the touch. If it is in very good condition, your dilator will have a smooth, even texture.

  • The use of the dilator.
    As mentioned above, you absolutely must put yourself in a calm and serene state of mind. Go at your own pace and frequency. If for any reason you feel discomfort or pain, discontinue use. You can try to repeat the exercises once you are ready.

  • The contact of the dilator with the skin.
    This medical instrument, being a rather cold accessory, can make insertion rather unpleasant. To ease the tension and counter the cold, pass the dilator for a few minutes under slightly warm water. The dilator will absorb the temperature to allow for a more pleasant treatment.

For more information on Floravi's vaginal dilators, consult the guide by clicking here.

You are advised to consult a health professional or your family doctor in order to be referred to a specialist who can assess you and offer you appropriate solutions adapted to your needs.


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