The superpowers of Steri-clean!

Unique on the market, Steri-clean is approved by Health Canada and can be used on intimate accessories as well as on the skin in complete safety! Besides, that's what makes it a popular product. Equally interesting: did you know that Steri-clean, basically an antibacterial that kills harmful bacteria and germs, can be used on more than just skin or intimate accessories? You will be surprised at all the possible uses of Steri-clean! 

The menstrual cup

Steri-clean eliminates harmful bacteria and germs, ensuring safe cleaning of your menstrual cup. Its cleaning power, although very effective, remains very gentle, without alcohol or perfume. Also, the cleaner is compatible with any silicone-based product, is non-corrosive and allows effective and fast cleaning. That's not all! Steri-clean also eliminates natural bad odors from your menstrual cup. 



As mentioned above, Steri-clean is ideal for cleaning the skin, especially the private parts. Yet we tend to forget that it can be used on a part of the body that we use regularly and which is prone to germs: the hands! So there, parents, you're going to love what follows. The Steri-clean cleaner is the perfect item to carry in its bag, it cleans by eliminating bacteria and germs in an instant. Just spray two or three times on the hands then rinse under water. That's it, the trick is done and the hands are clean!


Everyday objects

In the same vein, Steri-clean can be used to clean all kinds of everyday objects. What tools do you use regularly that attract dust, germs and bacteria? We think of your computer keyboard and mouse, your glasses, your keys, your desk phone, etc. The procedure we recommend for everyday objects is to first apply the Steri-clean on a wipe rather than on the item directly. Clean by rubbing gently on all corners then allow to air dry.


aesthetic products

What good is cleaning your face with an accessory that is not completely clean itself? Steri-clean remedies this by cleaning all your aesthetic accessories and tools. By going through the face brush, the Loofa, the bath mitt, the eyebrow tweezer and the nail clipper, you will be able to eliminate all the germs and impurities! Because it's always more pleasant to take care of your skin with clean, dust-free accessories, use the Steri-clean antibacterial cleanser!


intimate accessories

It is essential to clean your intimate accessories before and after each use. To In this regard, Steri-clean fits very well into the cleaning routine of products dedicated to sexual health. Since it does not contain alcohol or silicone, Steri-clean can be used on all Floravi accessories as well as on all types of materials: silicone, latex, rubber, plastic, glass, etc.


External private parts

Steri-clean cleanser gently cleanses and eliminates bad odors from private parts. The cleanser is hypoallergenic and fragrance free making it safe to use when cleaning external genitalia which may be sensitive to certain lotions or products. It is important to use Steri-clean only on the external private parts, in the same way as a soap.


It is advisable to first test the Steri-clean on a small area of the object you wish to clean. If you do not see any deterioration of the material, then you can regularly use Steri-clean as a cleaner.

To ensure safe use or for any problem related to your personal hygiene, it is strongly advised to consult a health professional, such as a gynecologist, a family doctor or a pharmacist.

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