5 tips to improve your personal and sexual confidence!

As we all know, self-esteem is an integral part of who we are and it influences the way we evolve. Your idea of ​​yourself follows you everywhere, every day. Your confidence is tested on a daily basis and it is essential to take a step back to reinforce it. Self-esteem is not only present when you are at work, at school or in the presence of friends. In truth, it is strongly involved when another person is involved and you share with that person an intimate relationship.


Step 1

First, you have to work on yourself. You have to start at the bottom by making an assessment of who you are and only then will you be able to fully assume yourself. Analyze your personality from A to Z and separate the items you love as they are and those you want to improve. Proceed in the same way by analyzing in front of a mirror your physiognomy. Once completed, emphasize your strengths and what you like and put them forward as often as possible. Regarding the points to work, try to improve them by having fun. To do this, set yourself goals or resolutions that are reasonable and achievable. With this first step completed, you will quickly see that this exploration will allow you to have a positive thought for yourself!


Step 2

Thereafter, it is essential to take care of your diet as well as your physical activity. You've probably heard the famous phrase, "It's easier said than done." Well, us too, and that's why we wrote a blog post suggesting several physical activities with a low level of intensity to help you get there. The exercises vary: Kegel balls, walking, swimming, gym and yoga. It interests you? Just click here to know more! Regarding nutrition, some foods are prohibited to promote your well-being. Avoid overconsumption of coffee, alcohol, heavy meals or meals containing a lot of fat, salt or sugar. While not being drastic, pay close attention to what you eat so you can feel good about yourself and more energetic. As for sport, it will allow you to produce endorphin, a hormone offering a feeling of well-being and relaxation.


Step 3

Start letting go by letting yourself be massaged. Whether it is by your partner or a massage therapist, simply giving someone else the right to touch your body will take you one step toward acceptance of your body imperfections. Some might feel uncomfortable about the idea of ​​being practically naked when the light is on. And that's normal! It's not easy, but sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone. You will see extremely satisfying results since every time someone caresses your skin, you will feel pleasure physically, but also psychological. In the end, it's not only your back will feel better, it will also be your mind. At first, avoid bringing the massage to a sexual relationship. This moment of relaxation, you do it to reconnect with your body and your identity.


Step 4

Discover your own sexuality first. We all grow physically, mentally, intellectually, but we tend to forget that we are also sexually evolving. There is no one but you who can know what you like and dislike regarding sexual activities. Floravi advises you to read about eroticism and sexual well-being to know more about the different facets of sexuality. Whether it's books or blog posts, you'll be surprised by what you learn. What is not surprising, however, is the correlation between sexual education and sexual esteem. Indeed, the more you know about it, the more comfortable you will be in your intimate relationship. Which translates into better self-esteem, not to be confused with sexual performance!


Step 5

Now that you have explored the many aspects of sexuality, you should be able to verbalize them. Indeed, your partner is not in your head and it is therefore impossible for him/her to know what you would like. Dare to express your deepest desires and be open-minded to suggestions during your discussions. Be careful, you must never do something that does not only tempt you to please your partner. The pleasure created must come from natural and voluntary attentions as well as from the two people involved. Floravi offers some tips in his blog article to start a delicate discussion on the subject with your partner, just click here to consult it. Communication is also done with the mention of compliments. Howhttps://www.floravi.com/en/blogs/news/parlez-vous-sexualiteever, that does not mean that it is a one-sided discussion. If you love to receive sweet words complimenting both your physique and your personality, you have to know that it is the same for your partner. Take the time to congratulate and encourage your lover as it is not just your self-esteem that you have the power to improve but other people too.


On this, we suggest you take the thing lightly and avoid any further pressures. Start slowly, step by step, to take care of your physical, mental and sexual health. You and those around you will see a change in your mood and your joy of living. It is a continuous work, because your self-esteem deserves all your love, you just need to see this project with positivism and to have pleasure while working on yourself!


If you feel that your self-esteem is low and you wish to remedy it, Floravi strongly advises you to consult a health professional who could help you on this journey, for example a psychologist or a sexologist.



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