Discover ultra-sensory pleasure with Floravi!

Did you know that the intensity of a sexual relationship is directly related to a multitude of exploited senses? Many will tend to think that touch and sight are the only senses that allow for increased excitement. Certainly, they are among the most effective, but taste, hearing and smell will promote an amplified sensory experience. In short, do not hesitate to experiment with all the senses in order to accentuate the physical and emotional sensations.


Here are some tips and tricks to live an ultra-sensory experience:

  • Smell
    Couple - Your body odor is an aphrodisiac in itself, so it can work in your favor or can be a nuisance for you during a sexual intercourse. It is therefore essential to take care of your personal hygiene, and this, assiduously. Some odors can also increase sexual tension such as perfume, massage oil, flowers, the smell of an enticing meal and more.

     - Get in the mood with essential oils, scented candles or incense sticks. For a guaranteed pleasure, take an aromatic bath with effervescent balls, sea salt or foaming gel. Let yourself be absorbed by exquisite fragrances that will allow you to get away from the everyday stress.


  • Hearing
    Couple - Both women and men are quickly seduced by compliments and soft words. The whispers and the tone of these lyrics create an atmosphere conducive to embracing. Try to whisper lightly into your partner's ear and let some moans escape from your lips. You will feel that the atmosphere will quickly take a very sensual turn.

    En solo
     - To put yourself in a serene state of mind, opt for prerecorded sounds. Go for relaxing music, the gentle sound of waves and the sound of nature or logs that burn slowly. Create your space for ecstasy and let yourself be pierced by the waves of sounds that will tickle all the intimate parts of your body.


  • Taste
    Couple - It is well known, some foods have an aphrodisiac value that, with a little creativity, can make your intimate moment delectable. Dare to discover your partner's body with succulent foods such as chocolate, whipped cream, caramel or honey. Make the moment sweet and intimate, indulge and savor. 

    Solo - While keeping the idea of ​​sensuality in mind, enjoy your favorite food that will make you happy. The important thing is to have fun and set aside, for a moment, the most stressful elements of everyday life. Drop the diet and discover your body with your massager in one hand and a strawberry coated in chocolate in the other.



  • Touch
    Couple - We are very sensitive to the touch of our partner because unlike all the other senses, it is a direct contact on the skin. It's always about creativity; think of all the ways to create thrills with your partner. Touch the skin with the tips of your fingers or use a feather. Make a few hugs by varying the pressure of your hands. Make a sensual massage and do not hesitate to rediscover the body of your partner from all its angles. Then finally, observe your partner reactions and accentuate the movements that seem to produce the most positive effect.

    Solo - What's better than taking things in your own hands? Put yourself in a relaxed atmosphere, away from stress and responsibilities and then take the time to rediscover your body. Delicacy is the key to a successful solitary moment since it allows gently to arouse sensations rather intense. For more information, see the article: The 5 myths and realities about the ultimate stimulation! Feel free to get out of your drawer your personal accessory to make each moment unforgettable. Opt for massagers with the silky texture of Floravi by clicking here.



  • Sight
    Couple - Physical attraction is necessary in an intimate relationship to achieve a high level of satisfaction and fulfillment. It's also a time to boost your self-confidence, gain self-assurance and let go completely. Dare to wear lingerie made of lace and high heels! Get out of the routine and surprise your partner by playing on the colors of your enticing clothes or by attempting lascivious and sensual dance movements.

     - Take the time to look yourself in a mirror. Contemplate all the angles, shapes and curves of your body then compliment loudly what you see. Enhancing your self-esteem will make it easier for you to increase your intimate pleasure.


The massagers from Floravi can achieve any kind of stimulation in women. Indeed, the different models Lila, Rose and Dahlia allow different stimulations targeted for the clitoris, the vaginal walls and the point G. They are silky and comfortable and are perfect accessories for beginners! To promote the insertion of these vibrators, you can use Floravi water-based lubricant. It is necessary to clean them before and after each use with the Steri-clean antibacterial cleaner approved by Health Canada.


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