The 5 Myths and Facts About Ultimate Stimulation!

What is an orgasm?

First, you should know that the stimulation is both psychological and physical. On the one hand, it is a mechanical phenomenon and, on the other hand, the stimulation is felt using the nervous system of the genitals which sends a message to the brain.  These genitals have several sensitive areas such as the clitoris, the inner walls of the vagina, the G-spot (Grägenberg's area) and the cervix. These areas can be stimulated manually or using intimate accessories.


How to demystify clitoral stimulation and vaginal stimulation?

Many believe that women should have both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. However, did you know that only one in three women would be able to feel these two types of stimulation? In addition, nearly 70% of women under the age of 35 have not yet experienced vaginal stimulation. You shouldn't feel pressured by the different types of orgasms to achieve, it's more about your personal preferences. Why not discover them from top to bottom?

  • The clitoral orgasm
    Generally the easiest orgasm to reach. The stimulation can be done directly or indirectly thanks to the two shafts which stretch and run along the vagina. Interesting fact: the clitoris is the only organ that is used solely for pleasure.

  • The vaginal orgasm
    Vaginal stimulation can be harder to achieve. Indeed, it requires positions or techniques that will be favorable to targeted stimulation to reach the G-spot. Interesting fact: The G-spot, located about 2-4cm from the entrance to the vagina, is the size of a dime and can grow to the size of a dollar when stimulated!


An advice

Orgasm can be scary when unfamiliar. The ideal way to access the ultimate stimulation is to feel comfortable with yourself and your partner, relax and then give up. Give up control, don't try to hold anything back, let yourself go to really discover the pleasure you can give yourself.


3 ways to get there

  • Discovery
    To know what you like or dislike, it is necessary to experiment and discover it by trying new experiences. Let go, relax and above all, have fun!

  • La communication
    It is essential to promote good communication with your partner. You must express your desires and your needs. Tell your partner what makes you happy, what positions to try and what vibrator you would like to get!

  • The environment
    Put the odds on your side to achieve the ultimate stimulation. Choose a place where you will be comfortable, without disturbing noise and at a time of day that suits you. Paying attention to these factors allows you to create the winning recipe!




5 myths and facts

  • The woman should reach orgasm during each intimate relationship.
    Fact: It is virtually impossible for women to experience an orgasm every time they have sex. Only 30% of women manage to reach orgasm with the only stimulation of penetration. Clitoral stimulation may be necessary to achieve this.

  • Position doesn't matter.
    Fact: On the contrary, certain positions promote increased and targeted stimulation. Indeed, there are some that would stimulate both the clitoris and the vagina. This results in a double stimulation.

  • Women reach orgasm easily.
    Fact: This is totally untrue. Many women would struggle to achieve their first orgasm, let alone achieve several in a row. Also, some women might need about 20 minutes to reach arousal in order to be mentally and physically fit to reach orgasm. Foreplay is of great importance.

  • Intimate accessories can replace a partner.
    Reality: Yes, vibrators can help achieve ultimate stimulation and promote new sexual experiences. However, the vibrator is a mechanical object, it will not give you affection, intimacy, cottage and love like your partner would.

  • Women can achieve multiple orgasms easily.
    Fact: It is interesting to know that unlike men, women do not need a period of waiting or rest in order to have a new orgasm. However, every woman is different and not all of us can be predisposed to achieve multiple orgasms easily. Moreover, some women are so sensitive clitoris after the first orgasm, they can not consider having a second. Indeed, a simple touch to be unpleasant or painful. It is therefore case by case.


Floravi's vibrators allow you to achieve all types of stimulation in women. Indeed, the different Lila, Rose and Dahlia models allow different targeted stimulations for the clitoris, the vaginal walls and the G-spot. They are silky and comfortable and are perfect accessories for beginners! For more information on Floravi intimate accessories, Click here. To promote the insertion of these vibrators, you can use water-based lubricant by Floravi. It is necessary to clean them before and after each use using the antibacterial cleaner Steri-clean approved by Health Canada.


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