How to really get your libido back?

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The diagnosis

The diagnosis of a sexual dysfunction is delicate due to its rather psychological manifestation. However, it is essential to know the reasons behind a decreased libido if you want it back quickly and efficiently. There are 3 factors that can help the diagnosis, they are directly related to 3 phases of disorder: desire, stimulation and orgasm.


  • The desire disorder can be diagnosed when one notices a strong or complete lack of interest towards sexual relations. This lack of interest is usually sudden, present with all partners and in all types of sexual situations. Therefore, if it manifests itself with a single partner in the case of a specific situation, the problem comes from a relationship disorder.
  • The sexual stimulation disorder can be determined by an inability to produce natural lubrication or feel arousal, even after sexual stimulation.
  • The orgasmic disorder is more easily recognized by an absence or difficulty in reaching orgasm following a pleasant sexual activity. It is not a question of disinterest in sexual relations, but rather of a psychological blockage which prevents the person from being completely fulfilled.


Treatments and possible solutions

Since most sexual dysfunction comes from a mental disorder or blockage, the solutions are mostly psychological and relational:

  • Take care of your couple life
    Taking time between lovers will improve your day and night connection. Go out, do activities, schedule some time for the the two of you in the calendar, etc.

  • Change or completely break your routine
    Whether it is in your everyday activities or in bed, it's a good idea to let the imagination have all the control from time to time and to discover new things that could help you regain or rediscover pleasure. However, nothing must be forced, and everything must be done with respect and common conscent. 

  • Communicate with your partner
    Highlight what you like and dislike to promote a healthy and a sustainable intimate relation. Do not be embarrassed to talk about your fantasies; your suggestions are always welcome.

  • Proritize your intimate relationship
    Chores and errands seem like a priority, and yet most of the time they can wait! Contact a babysitter or ask for help with housework so that your sexual well-being and your couple are not last in your to-do list.

  • Consider intimate accessories
    A certain type of accessory could allow you to increase your level of excitement which will allow you to have a better natural lubrication. Indeed, the massagers will produce beneficial hormones for a more intimate relationship. Discover quality and comfortable accessories: Dahlia, Lila & Rose personnal massagers from Floravi.

  • Discover your body
    You will not be able to fully enjoy or feel completely desire if you do not know your own body thoroughly. Do not be ashamed to find out what kind of stimulation you like or dislike. Let go and let your imagination run wild for a moment with the help of movies, photos or books. This approach is becoming more and more common and appreciated by women of all ages.


Taking care of your physical appearance and personal hygiene can also greatly help to gain or regain sexual self-esteem. Obviously, it is the same for your partner, otherwise the attraction can diminish and create a drop of libido towards him.


Being in a peaceful state of mind, by reducing stress and pressure, allows the channeling of energy towards the intimate relationship. The pressure of having to commit to a sexual act for your partner is harmful for your libido as well as for your well-being. There is no rhythm or frequency to follow. Interpersonal and intimate relationships are flexible; they should be nice and not look like work tasks.


The vagina is composed of a pelvic floor and like all the muscles of the body, it must be active to keep its shape. To help enhance your pleasure, to regain your libido and/or to reach orgasm, we offer you the Kegel Exercisers from Floravi. By using this accessory, you will increase blood circulation to the vagina and strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor. This progressive workout could make your sexual intercourse more comfortable and help achieve orgasm more easily. To find out more about Floravi's Kegel Exercisers, click here.


It is advisable to consult a health professional or his family doctor to be referred to a specialist who can evaluate you and offer you adequate solutions depending on your needs.


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