Exhausted by daily stress? We have the answer to your overstrain, get a massage!

Known and recognized for their multiple health benefits, professional massage is no longer just a luxury. Indeed, thanks to the many types of existing massage, you can now treat different psychological or physical tensions. It is essential to press pause and take a break from your extremely busy and demanding routine. As you know, your physical, mental and sexual state are closely related. As a result, from the moment that you do not feel well physically, it might have a negative impact on your psychological and sexual well-being. These states can therefore have positive or negative effects on yourself since they are interrelated. That's why we suggest massage therapy, since working on simply one element of your being will, thereby, work on who you are through many aspects.


There are several types of massage, here are the most common:

  • Relaxation massage.
    The purpose of this massage is to promote the state of relaxation and lessening. Several techniques are used by massage therapists to bring the body and mind to let go, including the famous Swedish massage. The relaxation massage reduces the effects of stress, relieves musculo-articular pain and improves the quality of sleep. All of these are the basis of a good quality of life!
  • Therapeutic massage.
    This is a technique that has developed greatly in recent years. Massage therapists perform a targeted massage according to key areas of the body that needs attention and work. Because they press hard on certain parts of the body, including areas where it is necessary to perform a detachment of muscle knots, therapeutic massage can cause aches and pains in the days following the treatment. However, everything returns to normal after some time and your energy is increased tenfold. This treatment makes it possible, among other things, to relieve the pains caused by various pathologies and prevents the appearance of physiological problems of a muscular or articular nature.


Taking care of yourself through a massage has a lot of benefits! Here are a few :

  • Reduces stress and anxiety in everyday life, both physically and psychologically.
  • Decreases symptoms related to depression.
  • Improves quality of life when massage sessions are based on a regular frequency.
  • Improves the quality of sleep in addition to promoting a real rest of the body and mind.
  • Enables a boost of energy both personally and professionally.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Improves assertiveness. This is created by the trust that is given to a massage therapist, because even if he is fully qualified, it remains that you allow this professional to enter your "personal bubble".
  • Improves self-awareness. Allows you to learn more about the sensitive areas of your body.
  • Promotes personal reflection. The massage allows a deep reflection of yourself, feelings lived and emotions felt.


Vibrating massage, why not?

Although a professional massage is ideal for complete relaxation, a small massage at home is always pleasant and welcome. Whether you are single or a couple, it is possible to receive or get a relaxing and satisfying massage! Indeed, the massagers from Floravi have a second possible use that also provides pleasure. We are talking about a vibrating massage of the tip of the mssager that comes to pressure points on targeted areas. Each of three massagers : Lila, Rose and Dahlia can allow you to work painful muscle points, tensions or knots felt more frequently in the upper body. The combination of vibration and pressure creates a mechanical stimulation that helps relieve muscle tension.


Here are some areas of the upper body that can easily benefit from a vibrant massage:


Vibrators can also be used to relieve muscle tension in the lower body. We have in mind certain parts of the body such as: the quadriceps, the buttocks, the hamstrings and the calves.


Be careful, a vibration massage may not be an appropriate solution in some cases due to the intensity of use. Too much intensity can be harmful and aggravate some existing conditions. Also, if you have a serious muscle problem that requires the assistance of a health professional, it is recommended to consult before starting any exercise with a massager.


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