5 good reasons to discover your body

Self-discovery is not limited to our mind. To know yourself completely, you must also learn to discover your body, through all the aspects!

  1. To know yourself
    It is important to experiment at your own pace and discover your body little by little in order to know what you like and dislike. As long as you have not tried it, you can never know. To discover your body is to discover yourself and there is absolutely no harm in that. Also, if you are not aware of what stimulates you sexually, how can you expect your partner to know?

  2. To allow a complete relaxation
    Taking the time to discover and stimulate yourself allows the production of endorphin, a substance beneficial to health. The amount of hormone is increased when you reach orgasm which causes muscle relaxation. This process helps to relax and reduce stress. As a result, endorphins act a little like natural sleeping pills and promote better sleep. It is therefore not surprising that this substance also acts as an analgesic. Indeed, it can help calm the pain related to a migraine and menstrual cramps. Isn't nice when someone is useful and at the same time enjoyable?

  3. To maximimze your pleasure
    Knowing what stimulates us naturally enhances the pleasure experienced. It's a way for you to take control of your sexual wellness. It is equally important for you and your partner to be sexually satisfied. Stimulation is not a household task - it is not a job - but rather a way to achieve utlimate happiness quickly enough, and as many times as desired.

  4. To promote good health
    Personal stimulation of the erogenous zones increases the heart rate and acts as a light training, just like walking. In addition to promoting complete relaxation and better sleep, as mentioned above, personal stimulation plays an important role in promoting better psychological health. Indeed, when there is no pressure and we are relaxed, it is easier to reach the ultimate pleasure. Thereby allowing yourself to feel happy, satisfied, rested and comfortable in your own body.

  5. To promote the pleasure for two
    First and foremost, it is important to communicate rather than just act. Tell your partner what makes you comfortable and do not hesitate to tell him what can make you fell uncomfortable. Going on a basis known to you and your partner will help each other discover the body of the other with respect and pleasure. Getting to know your partner intimately allows you to know more about him in general, because our desires are the reflections of our personality, do not forget it.


Some tips :

  • Pay attention to your diet. Sexual health and general health are closely related. In fact, in a way, they depend on each other. It is wise to pay special attention to your diet in order to have a fit and healthy body, especially when the activity requires physical exercise such as any sexual activity.

  • Set aside the cigarette. It may be difficult at first to make a direct link between smoking and the ultimate pleasure, and yet there is one! Smoking cigarettes causes tightening of the blood vessels and reduces the rate of blood flow throughout the body, including the erogenous zones. In women, this phenomenon can cause a reduction in natural lubrication, to know more about vaginal dryness, click here.

  • Reduce your alcohol consumption. It is a myth to think that consuming alcohol can facilitate sexual intercourse. In reality, consuming too much alcohol would have a negative impact on sexual abilities and performance for both men and women. It also affects the ability and ease for a woman to reach orgasm.

  • Promote communication with your partner. As mentioned above, talking with your partner about your preferences during intimate moments is very important. Both partners are entitled to their ideas and their pleasures. However, keep in mind that you should not prioritize the satisfaction of your partner if it makes you uncomfortable. That is why good communication is essential.

  • To protect yourself. When you discover yourself, with a partner or alone, it is essential to do it in a hygienic way. It is best to choose an environment with which we are familiar. Being concern about the risks is important, especially when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, intimate accessories require cleaning before and after each use. It is strongly suggested to use an antibacterial cleaner provided for this purpose. Floravi Steri-clean antibacterial cleaner is an excellent choice to ensure safe enjoyment. It is approved by Health Canada and is the only cleanser on the market that can be used externally on the skin without problem. To learn more, click here.


Some benefits associated with the discovery of your body:

  • Learn to let go. Letting go is good for the mind and for your health!

  • Learning to know each other. Pleasure doesn’t come like a natural talent, it's something you develop and discover over time!

  • Learn self-affirmation. Taking control of your sexual well-being and self-fulfillment can be good for your mind as well as for your body!

  • Learn to dare. Learning to discover yourself is learning to assert yourself. For that it is sometimes necessary to leave your comfort zone behind and go forward towards the unknown!

  • Learn to relieve yourself from the pressure. Certainly each of us wants to reach orgasm, but it is not the best way to get there. Promote relaxation and avoid the stress of performance and you will see better quality results and far way more natural ones!



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