• Gel intensifiant d’orgasme pour femme - Floravi

    Women's Intensifying Orgasm Gel

    The orgasm intensifying clitoridian gel, also known as a stimulant gel or orgasmic gel, is a product designed to inc... more

  • Vaporisateur désensibilisant pour homme - Floravi

    Desensitizing spray for men

    The Deensitifier spray is a product designed to temporarily reduce the sensitivity of the Penis. It is also cal... more

  • Lila, Rose, Dahlia - les vibromasseurs - Floravi

    Lila, Rose, Dahlia - Massagers

    Used for decades, massagers are steadily gaining popularity due to their many benefits for female sexual health. Reco... more

  • Nettoyant Steri-clean - Floravi

    Steri-clean cleaner

    Approved by Health Canada, Steri-clean is an antiseptic cleaner that is safe for the skin and eliminates harmful bact... more

  • Ensemble de Dilatateurs vaginaux - Floravi

    Vaginal dilators

    Before beginning pelvic rehabilitation, it is important to understand your role in the success of this process. You a... more

  • Les lubrifiants - Floravi

    Intimate lubricants

    Floravi lubricants are made from quality ingredients for an enjoyable experience. They are designed for personal use,... more

  • Poids vaginaux (kegel) - Floravi

    Kegel Exercisers

    Floravi’s Kegel exercisers are the easiest and most effective way to train your pelvic floor muscles, since they are ... more