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Short Personal Massager - Lila

Short Personal Massager - Lila


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Short Personal Massager - Lila

Quick Overview

Lila is small and discreet but she knows how to provide an unusual sensation thanks to its soft texture and linear shape, ideal for internal and external stimulation! Lila has a length of 155 mm and a diameter of 25mm.

Use 2 AA Carbone Zinc batteries, non-alkaline and non-rechargeable (not included).


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-   Hygiene measures are essential to ensure the proper balance of the vaginal flora. For best results, disinfect your vibrator with the Floravi Steri-Clean before and after use.

-   Always store your vibrator in its original packaging, protected from dust and at room temperature.

-   Avoid leading batteries inside the vibrator.

-   It is not recommended to share your vibrator with other people. If this happens, use a condom.

-   It is important not to use alkaline batteries with the vibrators.

-   To be sure to not ruin your massager and maximize your experience, use a water-based lubricant such as Floravi Water based lubricant.

How to use

-  To activate the vibration, quickly click on the button on the cap: the light will come on and the vibration will switch to its first mode.

-  To navigate between the 7 modes of vibration, click the button quickly; the first 3 modes are constant vibrations, while the other 4 are pulsating modes.

-  To turn off the vibrator, press and hold the button for 2 seconds or until the vibrator turns off.


The use of Floravi vibrators has many advantages:

-    It allows to familiarise yourself with the type of stimulation that accentuates your pleasure and maximize your well-being.

-   Counter the effects of anorgasmia or the difficulty of getting orgasms

-   Counter certain effects of menopause

-   Allow the production of substances beneficial for health such as endorphins and oxytocin

-   Helps increase desire

-   Explore sensations with a partner