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Vaginal Weights

Vaginal Weights


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Vaginal Weights

Quick Overview

Intensify your sexual well-being with Floravi Vaginal Weights! They promote better orgasms by increasing sensations during intimate relations. The set includes 4 interchangeable beads of 3 different weights. Begin with the lighter beads (30 grams) and increase the weight gradually.

We suggest you to use the water-based lubricant since the Vaginal Weights are made of silicone. Also, the use of Steri-clean antibacterial cleanser is high recommended.


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For hygienic reasons, clean the weights before and after each use. If you used the balls with the retrieval cord, remove the balls from the retrieval cord before cleaning. To prolong the life of your vaginal weights, use an antibacterial cleanser such as Steri-clean. It is strictly advised not to share your vaginal weigths with others. Store the balls in their original box.

How to use

The balls are inserted just like a tampon. To ease the insertion, put yourself in a comfortable position, such as squatting, sitting, or lying on your back. Pay attention to your vaginal cervix, it will indicate how deep to push the balls (≈ 2 cm from the vaginal opening). Your vagina will close around the balls to indicate the right depth. If you insert them too deeply, your muscles will not be able to contract properly.

To make insertion easier, use a water-based intimate lubricant. Keep the retrieval cord outside of the vagina to ease the removal of the balls.


Also known as Ben-Wa balls, they :
•    Contains 4 beads of 3 different weights;
•    Have a 29 mm diameter;
•    Are efficient thanks to the body movement;
•    Can be use with or without the retrieval cord;
•    Maximise vaginal sensations and bring better orgasms.


Upon first use, it is important to use the vaginal balls in a place where you can remove them or adjust them. To start, wear the balls for thirty minutes per day to get used to them. However, if you are immediately comfortable, feel free to wear them for several hours and at least four days a week. Your body position and your activities while wearing the balls will affect the level of difficulty.

Begin in a sitting position. Once you feel comfortable, you can practice more demanding activities while wearing the balls, such as housework, squats and walking. Make sure that you are sufficiently in control before any outdoor activities.

Light weights are used for the initial session. When you find that the activity requires little effort, you can progress to the next weight for a higher level of difficulty (see side box). If you are fully in control when you wear the heaviest weight with the retrieval cord, you can now continue without the cord. Again, start with lighter weight and gradually increase (from 30gr to 90gr). By regularly using the balls, you will be able to see results.

As every woman will progress at a different rate, there is no standard duration for the use of vaginal weights. Stop the activity when you feel like your workout was sufficient, even if you have not used the maximum weight.

Floravi water-based lubricant is recommended when inserting and using the vaginal weights.