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Steri-clean Antibacterial Cleaner

Steri-clean Antibacterial Cleaner


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Steri-clean Antibacterial Cleaner

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Floravi wanted to create a product that would be ideal for disinfecting intimate objects as well as female genitalia.

We have called upon a team of specialists who were able to find the perfect ingredients to satisfy all feminine hygiene needs.

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To clean intimate products :
Easy to use and hypoallergenic, Steri-clean is an essential because it is important for your sexual health to clean erotic accessories before and after their use. Dust, bacteria or other contaminants may cause problems if they are in contact with female genitals. Thus, any object in contact with genitals must be properly cleaned with Steri-clean, which is designed to remove any elements that may be harmful to female sexual health.

To clean women’s genitals :
Containing no alcohol, Steri-clean is ideal to gently clean female external genitalia, while helping to eliminate bad odors.


Disinfecting with an antiseptic is essential before and after the use of an intimate object to eliminate harmful bacteria and germs in order to properly preserve the vibrator and thus avoid the risk of infection. Dust, bacteria and other contaminants can be problematic if they are in contact with the female genital area. Important note : Steri-clean must be used for external genital area only, just like soap.


To clean an intimate object or the external genital parts of a woman, spray Steri-clean on your hands to ensure then cleanliness of your hands before coming in contact with your object or body part. Afterwards, spray so that the entire surface is covered. Let stand for one minute. Finish by rinsing your object or intimate area and dry it with a clean washcloth. Use as part of your daily routine cleaning is ideal for maximum results! It is important to clean your intimate products before and after each use. Containing no alcohol, Steri-Clean is ideal for gentle cleansing of the woman’s intimate parts while helping to eliminate unpleasant odours and can therefore be used in the same way as body soap.