Intensify your sexual well-being with Floravi Vaginal Weights! They promote better orgasms by increasing sensations during intimate relations. The set includes 4 interchangeable beads of 3 different weights. Begin with the lighter beads (30 grams) and increase the weight gradually.


The reality about vaginal weights

Although the idea of having a quiet orgasm with no touching is rather nice, the myth of having the balls inside the vagina, giving intense pleasure or orgasm is – unfortunately - often wrong. Even though a minority of women can bring themselves to full orgasm while the balls are inside them, the reality is quite different for the majority. Usually, the free weights inside the Chinese balls, move and gently stimulate the vagina without interfering with one’s daily activities. 

Once the balls have been inserted, can they get stuck in the upper part of the vagina? They can’t. Because the cervix protects the vital organs, and its opening is generally 3 to 4 mm in diameter. 
If the muscles around the vagina were to tighten (thus holding the balls inside) for any reason, then relaxing completely by taking a bath, for example, would be enough to release them back down into the lower part of the vagina. In addition, the strings at the base of the balls are there to make removal easy.



There are two types of vaginal balls: Chinese and Japanese.

Chinese balls have a weight inside and cause a pleasant ‘knocking’ sensation with pelvic movement. Using Chinese balls is an excellent way to gently stimulate the vagina to produce natural lubrication during foreplay. They can also liven up mundane activities! Just imagine going up the stairs and getting a naughty feeling on each step! 

Japanese balls are smaller and ‘denser’, and don’t have any weight inside them. They are sometimes called ‘geisha balls’. They require more muscular tension to keep them inside the vagina. They can slip out if the muscles do not provide a sufficient grip on them. Japanese balls can be used after firming up the muscles with Chinese balls, to intensify pelvic muscle exercising.


Choosing balls

As with any kind of intimate accessory, there are many models of varying size and price. Since every woman is different, it is often necessary to choose instinctively, and think about past experience with vaginal balls to get the right size. 

In spite of their lower price, some vaginal balls are not as good, as their nylon pull string makes them difficult to clean, thus, less hygienic.



Starting your session

It’s important to use your new balls where you can easily insert and remove them. You insert them the same way as a tampon: you get in the most comfortable position: crouching, sitting or lying on your back. The lower part of the balls (when they come in a pair) is normally positioned about 2 cm into the vagina.

At first, it may feel like the balls are going to slip out. This is quite normal, the muscles being used are not still strong enough to keep them in. Eventually they will be strong enough to hold them with less effort. 

When you start using your balls, you can keep them in for about thirty minutes per day to get used to them. Alternatively, if they feel comfortable right away, you can keep them in for several hours a day, at least four days a week. Remember that using the vaginal weights regularly, will bring faster results!


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Make sure you clean your weights properly, before and after you use them, with the antibacterial cleaner Steri-clean. 

Furthermore, if the weights are uncomfortable, they may have been inserted too far up the vagina, or are too close to the vaginal entrance. Simply remove them and re-insert properly.

Other questions

If you have any other query, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly advisors. Don’t be embarrassed to share your concerns with them; they are here to help, and are very discreet and concerned about your well-being.